Tornado Research


Initially, this website was developed to seek ‘grass-roots’ support and funding for a viable and feasible climatologic research endeavor.  The on-going and envisioned research effort aims to look for any correlation between the oceanic environment of the Pacific Ocean, certain atmospheric physical phenomena, and the subsequent appearance of tornadic storms in the inland portion of the United States .  The research proposed by Tornado Tamer was originally brought forth and possibly alluded to by engineers and university professors back in the 1920’s and 1930’s - but appears to have been subsequently forgotten.  


Tornado Tamer research efforts are often catalogued at the Tornado Tamer blog:



The proposed tornado hypothesis is along the lines of the following:

Our idea is that tornadoes are basically an electro-magnetic occurrence.  As such, the event is triggered on a subatomic level.  As the matter is electrical in nature, tornadoes may in fact reflect some amount of geomagnetics and therefore even present themselves as gravitational in nature.  Winds, atmospheric pressures, and the likes, are more likely to be symptoms of the occurrence, not the cause, in our opinion. (Contact us for more information if you are interested.)