About the Tornado Tamer Foundation / Association / Network


The Tornado Tamer Foundation / Association / Network was initially created by its founder in an effort to obtain funding to study an observed correlation between the Pacific oceanic environment, atmospheric physical phenomena, and the subsequent appearance of tornadoes in the Midwestern United States.  This correlation was observed by the founder and he continues to study the matter as he is able.  Eventually, this website envisions becoming a place where individuals can share their otherwise non-conventional tornado formation ideas and also possibly share their tornadic experiences, should they be inclined to do so. 


The Tornado Tamer Foundation with this website is also seeking to enlist members and supporters to pursue these ends.  This effort also geared towards helping others that need assistance. .   (See: Tornado Tamer Association)




The Founder on a recent trip to Angeles National Forest in California. 

(The Founder is the less photogenic one in the photo.)     :)



The original intent of this effort was initially to raise capital to support research to predict the occurrences of tornados in North America.  And, at the risk of sounding absurd, this effort envisioned the possibility of creating and harnessing tornados for energy generation.   


We don't chase tornados - well..., not unless we see one, maybe.  :)   However, if you do have first hand experiences with the formation of tornados, contact us if you would be so kind. 


Don't be shy about your tornado formation ideas.   The other paradigm-laden tornado researchers don't know the answers either. 



Nevertheless, typically for the fun of it all, rare antiques, works of art, and collectibles are sometimes shown below and are for sale (click on the page link on the home page).